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Hike Info

N43.97410 W79.98459

12 km to (014); 15 .5 km to Hockley Road parking; 17 km return along 4th Line and 5th Sideroad.

6 h for the loop hike


497 m (for 17 km return hike)

Very hilly with some long climbs once past Airport Road.

None; free Bruce trail lot


At ski hill top

04 Oct 2010

Not wheelchair accessible

The Peter Beecham ST is now designated as the main trail between 011 & 012 while the former main trail is now named the Griffith Ravine ST.

If using 2 cars, from (012), continue on the Bruce Trail. It is 3.5 km further along the Bruce Trail to the Bruce Trail parking lot on Hockley Road. You can try parking at (014) at the end of 4th line EHS but I cannot guarantee that you will not be ticketed. Always heed local parking restrictions, if any.

Ski hill lookout; Sally's Pinnacle, Dave's Pinnacle



The Site

Awesome Hemlock Ridge Hike

The Hemlock Ridge Side Trail is a connector trail that leaves the main Bruce Trail on the right at (009). It crosses a plateau through a hardwood bush before descending along a ridge to reach an opening at 5th Line EHS where parking is available. At this point the trail meets the Hockley Heights Side Trail to form a 1.2 km loop along with the main trail. The trail climbs a ridge and meets the main trail at the top of Sally’s Pinnacle.

The Glacier Valley Side Trail leaves the main trail at (008) and follows the valley north below the main trail above avoiding the climb to the two pinnacle points. Together with the main trail, it forms a 1.3 km loop.

The Peter Beechum Side Trail is named in honour of a long time area scout leader. Beginning at waypoint (011) it leaves the main trail and heads south along 4Th Line EHS for 600 m before turning right to leave the road and head west through the woods. It descends to a babbling brook and mini-waterfall before passing through rolling woodlands and making a long gradual climb up to meet the Bruce trail at (012). Note: This side trail has now been made into the main trail with the Peter Beechum name dropped. The former main trail is now the Griffith Ravine ST.

View from ski hill lookout

The Hockleycrest Side Trail departs the main trail at (003) in an area of pine and spruce plantations. The trail heads west along a line of maples before turning right and crossing a few streams. The trail climbs to a field and follows a bush road down into the valley where it rejoins the main trail at (005). This trail is part of the L36 Hockleycrest hike.

commentThis is an awesome hike with some challenging sections as it climbs and descends a number of peaks and valleys. The lookout from the top of the ski hill gives a fantastic view of the surroundings and is especially notable when fall colours are abundant. A long switchback takes you down from the ski hill into the valley below before beginning another ascent up to Sally's Pinnacle and then a bit higher to Dave's Pinnacle. I especially liked Sally's Pinnacle with it's display board outlining the history of the tree species in the area. The hike can be done as a loop, as I did it, or as a linear hike going forwards to Hockley Road with some car jockeying.

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