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Terrace Creek FallsTerrace Falls

Terrace Creek Falls (Rating=B) located in Niagara Region's Shorthills PP is a curtain plunge waterfall of crest 17 m and height 6 m where Terrace Creek falls to the rocks below.


Terrace Creek Falls is located in Shorthills Provincial Park on Pelham Road in Pelham near St. Catharines, Ontario. The parking lot on Pelham Road is large and free.
Falls Type: curtain plunge   Falls facing: NE
Falls Latitude: N43.09566    Longitude: W79.28040
Height: 6 m    Width: 17 m
Click on the Road Map button below for a Google map and directions. The Falls Locator button shows a map of other waterfalls in the area.


Access is not good and the falls is not wheelchair accessible. The quickest access is from the Shorthills Parking lot on Pelham Road. However this is not exactly quick as it's a good 1.8 km walk to this falls. Click on the Trail Map button below for area walking trails.


Overall Rating: Terrace Falls = B

Waterflow: B -seasonal flow of Terrace Creek; dry in summers
Falls Size: B -medium-small
Aesthetics: B -nice forest setting and classic waterfall shape.

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terace-creek-fallsShort Hills Provincial Park located in the centre of the Niagara Peninsula near St. Catharines contains an extensive trail system for visitors to enjoy at any time of the year. It occupies an area of 6.6 km² and the park is a collection of small but steep hills ("short hills") and valleys created by the last ice age. The effect was compounded when Twelve Mile Creek cut through the sedimentary deposits and glacial till.

The trails are classified by the use that is permitted on them. Three of the trails (Terrace Creek, Scarlet Tanager, and Hemlock Valley) are classified as Hikers Only, and are indicated by blue markings. Three other trails (Swayze Falls, Very Berry, and Black Walnut) are classified as shared use and are marked in yellow. The activities that are permitted on these trails include biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The remaining trail is the Palaeozoic Path which has been developed with the beginner hiker in mind. The Palaeozoic Path has a hard surface which is covered in gravel to give people with disabilities the opportunity to experience the park.

Wildlife inhabiting the park include white-tailed deer, coyote, and meadow vole. Being at the north end of the Carolinian zone, many plants grow here that do not grow or are rarely found in other parts of Canada, including paw paw, sweet chestnut and tulip-tree. The park contains two waterfalls, Terrace Falls and Swayze Falls.


Bruce Trail, Black Walnut ST, Hog's Back Road. For a map of area trails, click on the Trail Map icon above.

terrace-creek-fallsThe most direct way to Terrace Falls is to follow Hog's Back Road south from the parking lot down the rocky gravel road until it meets the Bruce Trail. Continue straight ahead along the Bruce Trail heading east to Terrace Falls. This round trip is 4 km. For a longer 5.5 km route, there is a larger loop to follow. From the parking lot and the nearby basic washroom watch for a signpost where you turn left to follow the Black Walnut Trail, here marked as Trail #2. This trail crosses a road to the Boy Scouts camp and continues on a wide gravel path into the woods.

You may occasionally hear loud retorts that sound like gunfire. These are sound cannons installed in some of the grape vineyards to chase away birds. The trail crosses a rapidly flowing creek over a metal and wood bridge. The trail wanders along through fairly open woods alongside the creek and through some wetland areas until the trail once again crosses a small wooden bridge over a creek. The main Bruce Trail continues to follow Trail #2 through the woods along the edge of some short hills to the right.

The trail now climbs a steep incline that provides good views of the surrounding areas. At the top of the hill, a wooden structure made of old tree branches can be seen before the trail enters a meadow like area and passes under the hydro transmission lines before entering the woods once again. Soon Trail # 2 meets the main Bruce Trail. Turn right and follow the white blazes of the Bruce Trail.
The trail leaves the meadow and gradually climbs back into the woods along a winding path curving to the left. A number of informal side trails leave the main trail at various points along the way.

The path comes out to Wiley Road and the trail continues to the right into the Wiley Road parking lot and towards a metal gate. There is a toilet located here (open in summer only.) The trail continues past the fence gate along an old farm road between two meadows until it turns right to follow the north bank of Terrace Creek to Terrace Creek Falls. Continuing along the trail, you will arrive at a large map of the park trails. Keep right here crossing over one then another concrete bridge further up. You are now on Hog's Back Road which climbs a long gradual hill back to the parking lot.


warningThere is an easy path down to the base of the falls and the crest is easy to access. Sorry, not much adventure here.


L11F Shorthills Provincial Park Trails 456 and L45F DeCew Falls to Rockway Falls

Terrace Creek Falls Video:

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