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Precarious tree perch over the Little Rouge Creek


001 - 002 | 0.6 kmNote: If you are beginning the hike at Pearse House begin following the trail guide at waypoint (013). If you are starting from the parking lot on Twyn Rivers Dr, begin at waypoint (005).

From the Glen Rouge parking lot (001), pass the porta john and cross the bridge over the Rouge River. Continue to the right at the intersection with the Riverside Trail which is now closed due to erosion caused by the meandering of the Rouge River (002).

002 - 003 | 2.5 kmContinue to the right on the Mast Trail. Soon there is a path heading down to observe the river and the stones in the riverbank. Leaving the riverbank we now head uphill. At the top a nice forested area overlooks the river below. Soon a long climb up a set of log berms takes you to the top. Continuing on, the trail arrives at an intersection (003).

003 - 004 | 2.9 kmContinue straight ahead heading downhill to walk along paths at the bottom of the valley. The trail approaches close to Little Rouge Creek and a concrete observation area before continuing ahead to Twyn Rivers Dr (004).

004 - 005 | 3.1 kmCAUTION: Cross the busy road and turn right crossing the road bridge over Little Rouge Creek ahead. Past the bridge you will see a sign for the Orchard Trail (005).

005 - 006 | 4.6 kmTurn left leaving the road and follow the Orchard Trail. An area with a wooden log fence along the trail provides good views of the Little Rouge Creek below. A sign indicates the half-way point of the Orchard Trail. Soon you pass under the transmission lines. Arriving at a road turn left and follow the road along the edge of the ravine overlooking the river below. This gravel road curves upwards but at this rocky intersection turn left and go downhill instead. Eventually you will come to a small side trail to your right just before a steep long climb. This is a natural bog area that you will enjoy investigating and listening to the many sounds of the wildlife in the bog -if you can remain very silent. This is a sensitive area so please respect the area and leave it as you found it (006).

006 - 007 | 4.9 kmLeaving the bog, return to the trail and climb the slope which brings you to a nice big log to sit on with a great view of the pond and waterfowl below. There is a trail to the right of the log that takes you to the sluice gate that controls water-level in the pond if you care to look. Continue on to the main road (007).

007 - 008 | 0.9 km-cedarHere a new trail has been recently opened called the Cedar Trail with a wetlands pond. If you decide to add this trail to your hike, follow the Cedar Trail until you see the railway tracks ahead (008). If you decide to skip the Cedar Trail, skip ahead to 007 - 011.

008 - 009 | 1.3 km-cedarTurn left and descend the wooden staircase, cross the wood bridge and climb up the ravine to the viewing bench at the top. Here you can follow the main trail straight ahead or head to the left on the narrow trail that takes you close to the escarpment edge (CAUTION). Both trails meet ahead just before the long set of steps heading downhill (009).

009 - 010 | 2.1 km-cedar | There is a rest bench half way down the steps. At the bottom of the steps there is a good viewing spot on the banks of the Little Rouge Creek. Continue on the trail through the woods to Meadowvale Rd. (010)once more.

010 - 008 | 3.8 km-cedarReturn on the same trail to the top of the steps at (008) on the Cedar Trail. Take the shortcut on the trail parallel to the railway tracks back to (007). If you have done the Cedar Trail, add about 4 km to the following distances.

007 - 011 | 5.5 kmTurn right on the road and walk downhill crossing the bridge over Little Rouge Creek and then up the hill to Pearse House (011).

011 - 012 | 6.3 kmAt Pearse House, a large map outlines the trails of the Rouge River Valley. From this point, the Vista Trail crosses the front of the house, through the yard fence and veers left into the brush. Very shortly the trail leaves the wooded area yielding a spectacular view looking down into the Rouge River Valley and the Little Rouge Creek below. A viewing platform has been constructed at this site and the trail is being moved back from the eroding edge. A tree hangs precariously to the top of this cliff. The trail follows the top of the tablelands along the cliff edge and passes under the hydro lines and across meadow areas before entering the woods (012). There is an alternate trail further to the south as shown on the map.

012 - 013 | 6.7 kmThe trail meets a wide grassy trail where you continue to the left into the woods. A sign on a nearby tree indicates 0.75 km with a white blaze pointing left. At a Y-intersection, while one trail heads downwards to the left, continue straight ahead on the wider main trail. At another Y-intersection, the main wider trail heads off to the left. At the 1.25 km sign on a tree, the trail goes off to the right where a log crosses the trail (013). Continue to follow the white blazes.

013 - 004 | 7.1 kmThe trail returns to the edge of the escarpment where the wide trail heads downhill curving to the left along the ravine below.  Continue straight ahead to Twyn Rivers Dr. (004).

004 - 001 | 10.2 km ; 14.0 km with Cedar TrailFollow the Mast Trail back to waypoint (001). Enjoy the hike and the day!

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