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Hike Info

N43.11134 W79.32161

7.5 km

3 h



Rocky, hilly, some very steep climbs & descents

Free parking lot


Near waypoint 005 by the two rocks before descending.Descent has now been rerouted for safety -see revised Trail map

25 Jul 2010, 20 Aug 2010

Not wheelchair accessible

Trail rerouted 2018 (0.3 km shorter and safer)


Louth Falls, three Rockway Falls and Martin Falls



The Site

Louth, Rockway (3) and Martin Falls

The Rockway Conservation Area is located along the Fifteen Mile Creek in Rockway, which is just between the Town of Lincoln and the City of St. Catharines. The 126 hectare Conservation Area features the Bruce Trail and the Rockway Falls Side Trail, the impressively deep cut gorge that is the site of both of the Rockway Falls, and a variety of flora and fauna of the Carolinian Forest. It is said that Rockway was onced used for its salt spring as far back as 1792,  and contains some of the best quality and quantity of salt in the province.


The Bruce Trail traverses the southern section of this area and is considered an ideal spot for hiking. Two main waterfalls exist along this portion of the Fifteen Mile Creek. The larger of the two plunges from a height of 18 m while the smaller from a height of 5 m. The watercourse continues to surge over a series of rapids and reach the small but beautiful Lower Rockway Falls.

Some interesting flora can be viewed at this location; Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Witch Hazel, and Sycamore to name a few. A remnant salt spring brings some historical significance to the area as it is thought to have been used as far back as 1792. It contained some of the best quality and quantity of salt in the province. Site facilities include limited parking off 9th Ave. on escarpment tablelands.

The Louth Conservation Area is located along the Sixteen Mile Creek in the Town of Lincoln. The fully forested Louth Conservation Area is most often a very quiet location with few visitors on most visits. The 62 hectares of land that form this Conservation Area preserves sections of the Niagara Escarpment and provides access to the Bruce Trail and the Louth Side Trail. Beautiful scenery can be seen from this trail including two waterfalls, of which the larger lower Louth Falls is particularly worth visiting. The upper falls plunges just under 4 m and is almost covered by road construction while the lower falls plummets from a height 9 m. This area is for passive recreational day use only with no amenities available. The terrain is a bit difficult and can be rocky and slippery. Walking fern can be found on some moss-covered rocks.

commentThis hike continues from the area that L45 Decew to Rockway Falls ended. It's worth walking back along the trail to see the other two Rockway Falls along Sixteen Mile Creek. On the two recent times I did this hike, it was only possible to cross the creek only once due to high water levels. But you can just retrace your steps and take the alternate road route. Once you leave Ninth Avenue, you have a few challenging descents and a steep climb to make. I did this hike when the ground was wet from a recent heavy rain and the hill descents were quite treacherous going downhill with little to grab onto for support. There is also one steep ascent that is particularly steep at one point near the top. (This descent has been rerouted in a 2018 trail update.) Once past these challenges, the hike leads you straight ahead through a pretty vinyard and corn field to the rocky terrain of Louth Falls.(The 2018 update moves the trail south of this vinyard.)

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Having a hiking stick helped going up and down the steep climbs and descent. Lower Rockway Falls is small but intimate.
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