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Two new Nature Reservesv were added to the Bruce Trail's Conservation Corridor in the past year preserving 202 acres of precious wetlands woodlands and open fields and securing 2.5 km of the trail while removing 3 km from roads.

Kimble Wetland Nature Reserve -Sydenham section
This reserve contains 142 acres of regenerating fields and meadows along with an impressive wetlands area. Along with the Kimble Rock Nature reserve acquired in early 2017, this creates a remarkable 342 acre parcel of preserved land. (See BT map 34.)

Maple Ridge Nature Reserve -Toronto section
This reserve lies just north of the community of Limehouse in Halton Hills. The reserve combines with the BT Springle property to the east along with large continuous tracts of wooded areas and wetlands to create a 35 km long green corridor. This secures another 490 m of trail. (see BT map 12.)

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