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We are pleased to show two new hikes bringing our hike total to 60 hikes. Actually Hike L59 Splitrock Narrows - Mono Cliffs has been online for a number of weeks but not officially announced. This is a very nice hike and we encourage you to give it a try. A new hike, L60  Dainty-Clarke Tracts, near Stouffville joins our list of hikes today. It is less than 8 km in length on relatively flat land -so an easy hike for a family outing on the Oak Ridges Moraine. It can also be shortened or lengthened as shown on the hike page and trail map by adding/omitting tracts.

In addition we have repaired the GPS LOG link on Hikes L58 and L59 which previously did not give access to the log. Sorry it took us so long to notice this error.

Again, if you have any suggestions for hikes that you'd like to see on the site, please let us know through our Contact Us form -see home page.

Finally, we have been hearing reports of more tick activity this year, so it's wise to brush off your clothing and check your arms and legs for ticks. They seem to be able to get under your hat and into your hair as well. One way to aid in avoiding contact with ticks is not to brush against vegetation or low tree or shrub branches where they can fall onto you clothes. They are present but don't let them keep you from hiking and enjoying the serenity and beauty of the woods.

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Interesting choices for hiking..

Wilfred Moses
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