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The East Duffins Creek Hike (L56) has just been added to our collection of hikes. It is located on the Oak Ridges Moraine in the Glen Major Forest near Claremont. It features a reclaimed quarry at the west end of the trails and the Trans Canada Trail runs through the property. There are a large number of trails on the site and it's taken us a while to sort them all out and come up with a representative hike featuring all the best trails and sights.

You can begin the hike at both the east and west end of the property where there is a parking lot in both cases. We prefer beginning at the east end smaller lot which gives some better views along the trail. Because of the large number of trails in the area, it is easy to get lost and the trails are not marked by blazes -which would be a nice addition. However there are a series of numbered posts which have all been carefully oriented to face north as you look at the post number and map on each. Still many intersections -and there are many- are unmarked. We have tried to identify all of these intersections in our trail guide and carefully following this along with our trail guide should help considerably. if you do find any errors in this hike (or any othe of our hikes) please let us know so we can correct it.

Our trail map includes our suggested route with some options along the way to adjust the length of be more adventurous. We have showed some of the alternate trails in gray on the map to help you get oriented. We suggest bringing a compass along or better yet, dowmload our track log to your gps and follow the trail that way.

The hike features some impressive lookouts over the valley below, some nice balcony walks and a varied meadow/forest mix. Already, this is one of my favourite hikes and should present some great fall colour.

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