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Louth FallsLouth Falls

Louth Falls (Rating=B) is a plunge cascade waterfall where the flow from Sixteen Mile Creek drops 9 m into the gorge below. The crest of the falls has a width of about 6.5 m.


Louth Falls is located in the Louth Conservation Area in the Town of Lincoln in the Niagara Region of Ontario. The free parking lot is located on the north side of Staff Avenue which is located just east of where Pelham Road becomes 8th Ave.
Falls Type: cascade plunge   Falls facing: N
Falls Latitude: N43.12423    Longitude: W79.35093
Height: 9 m    Width: 6.5 m
Click on the Road Map button below for a Google map and directions. The Falls Locator button shows a map of other waterfalls in the area.


The falls is in a secluded location 600 m from the parking lot on a rocky trail and is not wheelchair accessible. Click on the Trail Map button below for area walking trails


Overall Rating: Louth Falls = B

Waterflow: B -seasonal flow from Sixteen Mile Creek
Falls Size: B - < 15 m
Aesthetics: B -nice forest cover and very easy access to the top of the falls, quiet secluded location.

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louth-fallsThe crest of Louth FallsThe Louth Conservation Area is located along sixteen Mile Creek in the Town of Lincoln. The entire conservation area is forested with the exception of a small parking lot at the curve in Staff Avenue.

This is usually a very quiet location with few visitors. The 62 hectares of land that define this Conservation Area preserves sections of the Niagara Escarpment and provides access to the Bruce Trail and the Louth Side Trail.

Louth Falls is located where 16 Mile Creek tumbles over the limestone of the Niagara Escarpment. This small falls is located in a deciduous forest where the landscape develops when exposed limestone is eroded chemically by weak acids in precipitation. The shallow trenches you can see probably began as joints in the bedrock, which over time were enlarged by chemical erosion.

There are actually two waterfalls in this CA with the larger lower Louth Falls the much more dramatic of the two. An upper Louth Falls located upstream closer to the road cascades down just under 4 m while the larger lower falls drops about 9 m. Due to a rock slide or road construction or both, the upper falls is now partly buried under huge boulders. No facilities are available at the site and parking is free.


Bruce Trail, Louth Side Trail, Access trail from parking lot. For a map of area trails, click on the Trail Map icon above.

louth-fallsLouth Falls in dry summerFrom the back of the parking lot off Staff Avenue, follow the path into the woods. Watch for the blue sign for the Louth Side Trail. Follow the blue blazed side trail through the deciduous forest. The trail swings right crossing a creek before coming close to the boundary of the Louth Conservation Area. Here the trail swings left again at the sign pointing to 7th parking and crosses a small creek. Watch for the white Bruce Trail blazes and turn left following these to Louth Falls.

After viewing the falls, the river bed above the crest is interesting to explore and very easy to access. Head back to the main white blazed trail and follow to a T-intersection. Some walking fern can be found on rocks in this area. Turn to your right and head up the hill. Follow this main white blazed trail along the escarpment edge back to Staff Avenue where you can examine the gorge to the left of the parking lot. Also cross Staff Ave to view the deep ground fissures there and the puzzling flow of water. This area is not a good place to visit in mosquito season.


warningYou may be able to scramble down the gorge walls back a ways from Louth Falls but the walls are steep and often slippery. A safer way down can be found if you backtrack about 500 m to where the Louth Side Trail meets the main Bruce Trail. The slope is more gradual here making it easier to descend down into the gorge. There is no recognizable path so some bushwhacking is necessary. Then you can make your way upstream over the rocky creek terrain to the base of the falls.


L46F Rockway Falls to Louth Falls and L47F Louth Falls to Balls Falls and L48F Rockway Falls to Balls Falls


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