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L59 Splitrock Narrows - Mono Cliffs

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Hike Info

N44.07502 W80.08364

9.6 km

3 h



Wooded and meadow areas; escarpment edge, lookout, lake and heavy woods.

Free Bruce Trail lot

Washrooms on Walter Tovell ST at Waypoint (009)

Lookout point (005).

05 Oct 2014

Lookout Point, Splitrock Narrows, McCarston's Lake

See Splitrock Narrows update below.


Lunch at Lookout Point; Splitrock narrows exploration



The Site

Splitrock Narrows - Mono Cliffs

"Rising majestically above the surrounding countryside just north of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is a beautiful example of prime Niagara Escarpment forest, cliff and meadow. The property boasts rocky outliers, steep cliffs, long views, a glacial spillway, and an impressive crevice system for which Splitrock Narrows is named" according to The Bruce Trail.

Splitrock Narrows is located in the Dufferin Hi-Land sextion of the Bruce Tail, 21 kn north of Orangeville, east of Hwy 10/24 near Mono Cliffs Provincial Park -specifically 1 km north of the 25th Sideroad, Mono, on the 2nd Line EHS. Splitrock Narrows is on the Optimum Route of the Bruce Trail, and its preservation will secure more than 1 km of the Trail.

Only half of the 869 km-long main Bruce Trail has been secured: so,more than half of the Trail is at risk. It’s at risk because the development pressures are never cease and changes future governments might make to environment protection legislation and regulation.

L59H DSC03829

This awesome 73 acres of prime Escarpment cliff, forest and meadow is a fun area to explore the crevice system, spring wildflowers, large patches of birch trees and great views.

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

The trail here passes some of the oldest, intact, old growth White Cedar forests in eastern North America. Research has shown that some cedars have survived on the escarpment face for over 700 years and are now the oldest living trees in Ontario. Despite their age, they may be no more than five centimeters thick and a metre high. The cedars have endured the worst elements of cold and constant winds that rob the shallow soil of moisture, carry away nutrients and leave the roots exposed. Their twisted shapes are testimony to their struggle.

This 750 ha park also contains some 450 plant species including rare ferns. The Bruce Trail passes through the park and there are a number of marked trails interconnecting in the park. The trails here are enjoyable any time of the year but are especially lovely in the fall when the maples and beeches in the park exhibit spectacular colour. You are asked to stay on marked paths to protect the flora and fauna.

In this hike, we enter Mono Cliffs PP from the north along the Walter Tovell Side Trail which begins at 25 Sideroad. After travelling through meadow and shrub growth, the trail arrives at the Lookout Side Trail which takes you to the Lookout Point which provides a panorama view to the south from a flat rock viewing area. This is a popular spot to rest and have lunch. The trail continues through the woods meeting up with the Bruce Trail where McCarston's Lake soon comes into view. It's worth a stop here to go down to the lake edge and view this beautiful lake. Soon we meet up with the southern leg of the Walter Tovell Side Trail heading north, passing a washroom and continuing north to the starting point.


Narrows Side Trail

Splitrock-Narrows-UpdateA 105 metre dead end side trail following the floor of the Splitrock Narrows crevice. This feature was created by an effect known as cambering; a process that widens cracks into crevices through freeze-thaw action.

Ralph Tremills Side Trail

A 960 metre side trail named in honour of Ralph Tremills, in recognition for his many years of dedication to the Bruce Trail and to the Dufferin Hi-Land Club. This trail provides a loop of 2.1 km with the Splitrock Side Trail.

Splitrock Side Trail

The south western portion of this side trail has been rerouted to the south edge of the property. The length of this side trail remains 1.9 km


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