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First login to TorontoHiking.com in order to post a blog.

Before you begin to publish your blog, please take some time to optimize your images. That means reducing your image size to no wider than 800 px. It is also helpful to reduce the image quality to 30% of the original which will reduce the file size and reduce demands on our server.  This reduction in quality will not be noticeable on displays. Free image programmes are available to do this. One example is the online image optimizer http://www.imageoptimizer.net/Pages/Home.aspx .
Here you can set image max width to 800 and select Quality as "Small file size" for optimization. There are also many free image programmes you can download for this purpose.

 Please limit the number of images in your blog to no more than 5. You may make these secondary images smaller than the main photo which is the first image in the article. DO NOT paste code from another site into the blog editor. Remove the formatting first and paste in text only. Thank you for helping us to keep file size to a minimum and the code clean. See instructions below for inserting  text from a Word document.

b1 pencil start

b2 jce screen

b3 enter text

b4 add image

b5 image manager

b6 image drop

b7 upload image

 b8 image highlighted

b9 image inblog

b10 select category

 b11 publish blog

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