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Hike Info

N43.96038  W79.97970

12 km

4 h


313 m

Undulating hills in the Hockleycrest trail area

No fees; 15 car space


At waypoints (005) and (008)

12 May 2009

Not wheelchair accessible


The northern loop can be skipped.

Humber Heights Lookout



The Site

Hockleycrest Trail Loop

The Hockleycrest Trail hike explores a variety of terrain including young hardwood forests, open grassy areas, mature woodlots and wet areas. There are some good lookout vistas. The northern loop with its’ cross connector at the middle resembles a figure  eight. The trail crosses the Humber River at the bottom of a deep ravine.

Trail enters a Pine tunnel

An abandoned quarry in the Humber Heights area of Caledon Hills near waypoint (001) was the scene of an important and exciting community tree planting initiative scheduled for the fall of 2010. This hands-on conservation event, which marks the International Year of Biodiversity, is made possible through the efforts of the Bruce Trail Conservancy and Ontario Power Generation’s 2010 OPG Biodiversity campaign. The planting will benefit the ecological health and biodiversity of the Niagara Escarpment for years to come.

commentIt's worth taking the side trip to the Humber Heights Lookout which is a beautiful spot overlooking the headwaters of the Humber River with a history stretching back more than 400 million years. There is a display sign at this location that highlights some of this history. The trails pass a number of tree species including Sugar Maple, American Beech and Eastern White Cedar and Pine. As you hike throught his area you will also find a wide variety of mosses and lichens as well as some Black Cherry trees along one of the fence lines.

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