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001 - 002 | 0.3 km L31rerouteDue to a new landowner withdrawing permission for the main Bruce Trail to pass through his lands, the trail has been modified as shown in the sketch at the right. The section between 002 - 005 is affected and now follows Hockley Rd to 3rd Line EHS as shown. This change adds 0.8 km to the hike length.

Leave the Bruce Trail Hockley Road parking lot and turn right. At 2nd Line EHS, cross the road (002).

002 - 003 | 0.9 kmWalk down 2nd Line EHS on the gravel road which crosses a bridge over a small creek. The trail turns left over a stile (003).

003 - 004 | 2.3 kmThe trail heads  up a slight rise and follows a fence on the left passing a farmhouse and then descends and crosses another stile into another farm field. The trail heads downhill, crosses a small creek and climbs another rise following a fence line on the left.  Climbing to another stile and passing a Hockley Valley Resort and Conference Centre, the trail turns left and heads uphill. Crossing a paved golf cart road, enters the woods and then turns left and heads downhill to a road. The trail now makes a steep climb up a series of log berms to the top where there are some log benches for a well deserved rest after the long climb. You are now at the top of the ski hill (004).

004 - 005 | 2.7 kmLeaving the top of the ski hill the trail follows a gravel roadway leading out to 3rd Line EHS (005).

005 - 006 | 3.7 kmTurn right on 3rd Line EHS for about 100 m and then cross the road and turn left back into the woods. The trail enters the Hockley Highlands Woods -a young woods with much maple. The trail passes an area of tornado damage before arriving at a fork in the road with a sign indicating “Turn left”. The trail wanders through the woods and follows a fence line on the left for a while. Crossing some planks over creeks, the trail comes to a huge old tree stump. Over another stile, the trail continues through the woods rich in ferns along the trail. After a long strenuous climb, the trail meets the Peter Beechum Side Trail (006).

006 - 007 | 4.9 kmContinuing straight ahead, the trail arrives at 4th Line EHS crossing a stile. Cross the road with a slight jog to the left. The Peter Beechum Side trail returns here (007).

007 - 008 | 6.9 kmContinue on past an open grassy area and follow a narrow ridge into the woods. The trail descends a set of log step with a railing and makes sharp turn to the left and climbs back up the other side of the ravine on the edge of a long slope. A re-routing sign appears making the route longer yet! The trail curves left and follows along a fence to the right slowly heading downhill. At a Y-intersection keep to the right. The trail arrives at 5th Line EHS (008).

008 - 009 | 7.9 kmLeaving the Bruce Trail, head left (North) along 5th Line EHS. The gravel road curves around a deep depression before arriving at Hockley Road (009).

009 - 010 | 9.7 kmCrossing busy Hockley Road continue ahead crossing a bridge over a creek before continuing a pretty steady gradual climb to the end of the road up the long hill (010).

010 - 011 | 12.5 kmAt the end of the road, a misleading blue mark on a stone suggests going left. Instead go through the gate straight ahead and follow the sandy road as it heads downhill. At a very steep hill ahead, turn right and continue on the blue-blazed trail. A very steep very challenging climb (impossible in wet weather) lies ahead. Arriving at an open meadow, head towards the fence with the trail climbing another steep hill along the fence line. You can use the fence to help with the climb. Another long steep climb lies ahead. It becomes so steep at the top that I’d suggest angling off to the right near the top to cut down on the steepness of the trail and then circling back to find the trail. Note: 2018 Two extended switch-backs have been built in order to eliminate the extremely steep slopes in this section. You have just mastered the Three Sisters hills. Now in descending, a trail reroute sign appears.  The trail now climbs steadily through a coniferous forest to the top of a ridge between two ravines. A great lookout point shows some fantastic views of the countryside. At a T-intersection, turn left and again head uphill to arrive at 15th Sideroad (011).

011 - 012 | 14.4 kmTurn left onto 15th Sideroad until you reach 3rd Line EHS (012).

012 -013 | 15.8 kmTurn left on 3rd line EHS until you arrive at Dunbar Road where you turn right on Dunbar. Continue along Dunbar until the trail leaves the road and heads back into the woods (013).

013 - 014 |16.6 kmTurn left past a small parking lot, cross a stile and head along a fence and tree line. At a stile crossing we reach the Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve entrance (014).

014 - 015 | 17.9 kmAt nice lookout point with a bench provides the opportunity for a well deserved rest as you admire the surroundings and see the distant hills you crossed. The trail enters a deciduous forest swings left and heads downhill passing through an old abandoned apple orchard through a relatively young woods arriving at the Snell Loop Trail (015).

015 - 016  | 18.5 kmPast a stile, the trail continues through a Spruce forest and past a wetlands area with plank boardwalks before re-entering a deciduous forest and meeting the Glen Cross Trail (016).

016 -017 | 20.3 kmThe trail descends to cross a creek over a long plank bridge before turning right and climbing up the other side. Descending again to cross a stream by way of two bridges and then a small plank bridge across a small stream. The trail meets the Tom East Side Trail (017).

017 -001 | 23.1 kmThe main trail soon arrives at Hockley Road and then it’s back to the parking lot (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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