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N43.513045 W079.963975

11 km (variable)

3.5 h



Large mixed forest includes wooded swamps, beaver ponds, streams, wetland pools and upland hardwood bush Some rocky areas but generally wide gravel paths with mild undulations. A good place to begin hiking if you are a beginner.

Entrance fee to CA

Washrooms at visitors centre and as noted in the park. Drink dispenser. Picnic tables near centre and also at locations in the park.

Picnic tables along the trail


Some trails are wheelchair accessible


There are numerous ways to shorten the hike by going as far as 001 or 012 and then returning along the return route. An alternative way back avoids going on the far side of the Hilton falls Reservoir but returns on the blue-blazed trail on the east side of the reservoir. This is a very interesting trail and is recommended.

Hilton Falls, Beaverdam trail wetlands; waterfalls into Reservoir in Spring

X-country skiing


The Site

Hilton Falls CA Fun

The Hilton Falls Conservation Area is a natural environment park that is 1592 acres in size with 15.5 km of nature trails. The park includes unique geological features, extensive forests, a water control reservoir and a beautiful 10 m waterfall that cascades over the Niagara Escarpment. The conservation area has a significant natural habitat for numerous plants and wildlife. Two tributaries of Sixteen Mile Creek wind their way through the wooded and rocky landscape.

L51H 107 0750

Significant plant species include walking fern, small-fruited bur-reed and yellow lady’s slipper. Besides over 100 species of birds, the area supports a large population of white-tailed deer as well as mammals such as the northern flying squirrel, beaver, porcupines and the American water shrew. Four species of salamanders can be found in the wetland pools making this one of the few areas in North America where all four can be found together.

commentThis is a good hike to take along friends or visitors to show off some of the Southern Ontario great outdoors. There are numerous trails so you can modify the hike length to suit various needs. Of course the highlight is a visit to Hilton Falls and it's two observation platforms -one at the crest of the falls and the other reachable by a good set of steps at the base of the falls. From there, you could do the Beaverdam Trail which is one of my favourites. I like to do this trail in the Spring but you need to be aware that when water levels are very high in early Spring some parts of the trail may be flooded and the trail closed. You can get this information about trail status online or at the pay kiosk at the site.

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