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Felker's FallsFelker's Falls

Felker's Falls (Rating=A) is a pretty falls with a height of 22 m and a crest of 6 m. It is a terraced ribbon falls located on Davis Creek, a branch of Red Hill Creek. While it has a year-round flow, as with most waterfalls, the flow is much larger after a good rainfall or during Spring melt.


Felker's Falls is located in Felker's Falls CA in Hamilton off the Red Hill Valley Pkwy onto Mud St, then Paramount Dr. to Ackland St. There is a self-pay parking lot off Ackland St. A much smaller falls can be found further downstream.
Falls Type: terraced ribbon   Falls facing: N
Falls Latitude:N43.20339    Longitude: W79.79013
Height: 22 m    Width: 6 m
Click on the Road Map button below for a Google map and directions. The Falls Locator button shows a map of other waterfalls in the area.


The falls is less than 150 m from the free parking lot off Ackland Street.) The falls is wheelchair accessible. Click on the Trail Map button below for area walking trails.


Overall Rating: Felker's Falls = A

Waterflow: A -year round flow from Red Hill Creek branch but diminished in summer
Falls Size: A - > 15 m
Aesthetics: A -nice shape, good rock formation, deep gorge, scenic location

Nearby Falls

Little Davis Falls (N43.20675 W79.78895), Albion Falls, Buttermilk Falls, Devil's Punch Bowl

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felkers-fallsDavis Creek at the crest of the fallsThe falls is located on a small site (74 hectares) named Felker's Falls Conservation Area and is located between Hamilton and Stoney Creek. There is a good sized parking lot located in this residential neighbourhood.

The main feature in the area is Felker's Falls and the surrounding gorge, formed as the Red Hill Creek branch, Davis Creek, flows over the escarpment. The main Bruce Trail (white blazes) runs along the top of the escarpment passing by the top of the falls. Running close to the escarpment edge, the trail offers a clear view of Stoney Creek and Lake Ontario.

This is a relatively undisturbed woodlot in a dense urban area. The woodlot is composed of mainly Beech, Sugar Maple and Oak, while stands of Eastern Hemlock were seen growing along the escarpment edge.

The trail also passes through some successional field areas, often associated with Hydro corridors. Here Bigtooth Aspen were seen along with thick stands of Staghorn Sumac, which produce attractive autumn colouring. Much of the open field area was filled with Golden Rod. No rare plants have been observed in this site. However 3 rare snakes, the locally significant Red-bellied and Northern Ringneck as well as the Eastern Smooth Green snake have been recorded here. It is also at least partially connected to two other conservation areas, King Forest Park to the west and Devil's Punch Bowl to the east.

On its own this area may not be sufficient for the survival of wildlife, but connected to the other two sites it creates a valuable green space in this highly populated area. However, it is certainly endangered by encroaching development. It is also part of the Red Hill Creek watershed and loss of this area would affect the creek further downstream.

Little Davis Falls is located downstream from Felker's Falls but is not easy to reach from the Felker's CA area.


Bruce Trail, local trails. For a map of area trails, click on the Trail Map icon above.

felkers-fallsFrom the parking lot avoid the main entrance and stay to the left entering a multi-path area. Continue to keep left until you arrive at the escarpment edge. Turn right and walk along the escarpment edge. The path is level throughout as it skirts the escarpment above the city of Hamilton. Along here there are great views of Burlington Bay and its surrounds. Soon you will hear the roar of Felker’s Falls. There are good views of the falls along here. Cross over the bridge above the falls and turn left to continue along the Bruce Trail. You will shortly pass a dry gully running down into the gorge. There is a good lookout spot where the trail turns abruptly right to follow the escarpment edge.

Priceless views of Hamilton and the Bay can be had along this stretch of the trail. Shortly you will come to a wide rock cliff area where the trail curves around the depression due to a former quarry. This is a good place to turn around and head back to the parking lot.

A special feature of Felker's Falls is the Peter Street Trail which was designed for use by wheel chair users and the visually impaired. Peter Street worked as an advocate for the disabled. By constructing the surface of the trail with packed stone dust, accessibility to wheelchair users and the visually impaired was made possible. Interpretation stations are constructed out of interlocking stone.

To reach Little Davis Creek Falls, exit the Red Hill Valley parkway at King Street East, and follow King St. to Quigley Road. Turn right onto Quigley Rd, following it to the end. Then walk past the end of the street into the park area and turn right to find Little Davis Falls.


warningAs usual getting to the base of the falls is challenging and this is no exception. To get to the base exit from the Red Hill Valley Pkwy and follow King St to Quigley Rd. Follow Quigley to the end and park on the side of the road. Walk past the end of Quigley onto the parkland and keep straight ahead until you meet Davis Creek. Follow the creek upstream about 400 m to reach the base of Felker's Falls. There is no marked trail and the route is hilly, rugged and rocky.


L50F Albion Falls to Devil's Punch Bowl


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