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Eugenia Falls (Rating=B) presents a breathtaking view as the Beaver River plunges 23 m over the escarpment edge into Cuckoo Valley below. This is a ribbon plunge waterfall with a crest of 12 m and is one of the "Grey County Magnificent Seven" waterfalls. A second cascade waterfalls (Lower Eugenia Falls) drops 9 m about 200 m down the gorge.


Eugenia Falls is located in Eugenia, Ontario. Take Grey Rd 13 north to Pellisier St in Eugenia.
Falls Type: ribbon plunge   Falls facing: S
Falls Latitude: N44.31326    Longitude: W80.52659
Height: 23 m    Width: 12 m
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It's just a short walk to the lookout point. The falls is wheelchair accessible with self-pay parking. Click on the Trail Map button below for area walking trails. WINTER: The parking Lot is not plowed in the winter and the Conservation Area gate is closed. Parking is available at Eugenia Falls Emporium across the street.


Overall Rating: Eugenia Falls = B

Waterflow: C -much water from the Beaver River is diverted for hydro use.
Falls Size: A - > 15 m
Aesthetics: A -incredible steep gorge, beautiful falls but very little water.

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eugenia-fallsSituated in the very quaint village of Eugenia, Eugenia Falls Conservation Area encompasses 23 hectares of Niagara Escarpment, river valley and upland forests. The site features hiking trails, outhouse & picnic pavilion.

When first discovered in 1852, Eugenia Falls was the scene of a 'Fools Gold' rush. Later it became the location of five mills and a small private electric plant and by 1905, it was chosen to be the site of the second hydroelectric plant in Ontario (Georgian Bay Power Company).

In 1915, Ontario Hydro moved the plant to the north and created Lake Eugenia, allowing more control over water levels. Unfortunately most of the water is now diverted through huge pipes leaving a trickle to flow over the falls. But even this is spectacular.

The waterfall is said to be named after Princess Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.

Across the street from the Eugenia CA entrance is the Eugenia Falls Emporium which is worth a visit. According to the Emporium, "While perusing the renovated gas station and garage, take the time to enjoy a scrumptious Cappuccino or one of their famous "Oil and Lube" sundaes. The eclectic mix of worldly antiques and the works of local artisans will surely make the journey to Eugenia unforgettable."


Bruce Trail, Eugenia Side Trail, local trails. For a map of area trails, click on the Trail Map icon above.

eugenia-falls-cuckoo-valleyLooking at the falls over the Cuckoo ValleyThe Bruce trail runs through the Eugenia Falls CA. From the parking lot, you can head east or west along the trail. Heading east, it's only a 5 minute walk to the falls, with the trail following a low stone wall along the escarpment edge. Stay on the trail side of this wall as it's a steep 30 m drop from the top of these vertical cliffs to the valley floor below.

There are a few good lookout points but much of the view is obstructed by old cedar tress clinging to the escarpment edge. The views are beautiful -especially if the waterfall is flowing. If you continue east to the falls, you can get a good view of the top of the falls. The Cuckoo Valley below is quite a sight.

Continuing eastward, the trail follows the river for about 400 m before swinging west and then heading north.If you head west from the parking lot you will see a display board with some information on the Niagara Escarpment as well as the history of the Eugenia Falls and the gold rush that took place. Continuing along, the trail follows very close to the escarpment edge where numerous cedar roots seem to hold onto the rock for dear life. The drop is 30 m here, so be careful not to trip on the many roots.The trail begins to descend as it heads along the ridge line towards a small lake. Shortly you will meet the Eugenia Falls Side Trail which you can use to make a loop walk. The whole walk is less than 2 km which will take about an hour and is moderate in difficulty.

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warning This removed section dealt with some dangerous steep trails that led to the base of the falls but this information has been removed at the request of the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority.

Hi. Some of your articles on Eugenia Falls contains information on how to reach it's base. That activity is strictly forbidden with signs posted. Do not go off marked trails st Eugenia Falls. Other accesses listed here cross private properties as well. Check recent news articles to find out why it is not allowed. Please remove this information. Thank you. Property owner Grey Sauble Conservation Authority.


L44F Eugenia Falls to Hogg's Falls and L52F Grey County Magnificent Seven


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