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What are Tallgrass Communities?

“Tallgrass communities” – also known as tallgrass prairies and savannas – are natural grasslands with a great diversity of grasses, wildflowers and animal life. In Ontario, tallgrass is teeming with wildlife, including:

  • over 200 species of plants, such as blazing-star and wild bergamot;
  • many birds, such as bobolinks, savanna sparrows and northern bobwhite quail;
  • mammals, such as deer, meadow voles, and badgers;
  • a fascinating diversity of insects, from butterflies and damselflies to ants, leafhoppers and ladybeetles.


Why are Tallgrass Communities Important?

grass0005Tallgrass is a globally imperiled ecosystem and one of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada; is part of Ontario’s natural heritage; provides habitat for a huge number of wildlife species, including many that are officially designated as rare at the global, national or provincial level; and is home to species such as northern bobwhite which is in danger of disappearing from Canada. Some tallgrass species, like the greater prairie chicken and the karner blue butterfly, have already disappeared from Canada.

What is Happening to Save Tallgrass in Ontario?

World Wildlife Fund Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources have developed a recovery plan for Ontario’s tallgrass communities. Local groups and individuals are hard at work across the region to save and recover tallgrass. The Ontario Tallgrass Prairie and Savanna Association is working to raise awareness, coordinate recovery efforts, and help provide local groups with the tools they need to do the job.



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