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Hike Info

N44.36129  W80.20806

11.5 km

4 h

Beginner/intermediate (based on length of hike)


Rocky, hilly with a long descent and climb from Devil’s Glen PP to the valley floor and the Mad River.


None; General store in Glen Huron

Along the trail or in Glen Huron

01 Sept 2005

Not wheelchair accessible



Glen Huron pond



The Site

Devil's Glen - Mad River

The Devil's Glen Mad River hike takes you in a loop from Devil's Glen PP into the village of Glen Hurn and back. Devil’s Glen Provincial Park has no facilities and a small parking lot but features a great lookout deck built by the Ministry of Natural Resources. The hike takes you down a steep descent from Devil’s Glen PP and follows the Mad River to the village of Glen Huron before swinging back up the escarpment to the top of ski hills which you descend and then climb back up some 500 steps to Devil’s Glen PP. This is a loop hike that you can extend by following the Main Bruce Trail further south at waypoint (005)

Bridge over the Mad River

With close to 160 hectares of  countryside vistas, hardwood and coniferous forests, open meadows, and a series of caves, the Nottawasaga Bluffs;offers a full day of exploration and adventure. The area is steeped in local history - pioneers once toiled to cut a living out of the wilderness. Timber and limestone proved to be big business for this area and as such, small communities like Singhampton and Glen Huron were established.

This hike along with L45 Nottawasaga Bluffs and L44 Nottawasage to Devil's Glen are variations of the same hike by selecting different trails to follow in the area and so the trail maps are similar but highlight the particular route for each of these three hikes.

commentWe began the hike at the observation platform which gives you a sweeping view of the entire valley and is particularly spectacular when the fall colours spread across the lower valley. After the rocky descent from the Devil's Glen observation platform, my friend John was impressed with the beautiful sights in the valley below and along the Mad River. A quick stop in the General Store in the village of Glen Huron gave us some extra nourishment to go on. Past the store and up the hill we met a group of teens roaring back and forth on their powered carts. Here we left the Mad River Side Trail and began the return trip along the Bruce Trail back up to Devil's Glen PP.

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