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Where Are the Coyotes?

We know that there are Coyotes in southern Ontario, but they seem to stay away from populated places and confine themselves to rural areas. As such it is possible but unlikely that you will encounter a coyote on a hike. They are an extremely intelligent and playful animal. Still it’s wise to know what to do if you do happen to meet one.


If you are approached by a coyote, Los Angeles Animal Services advises you to wave your arms and shout in a low, loud tone. Throw objects at the coyote while maintaining eye contact. Make yourself look as big as possible; if you are wearing a jacket open it up like a cape. If possible go towards active or populated areas, but do not turn your back on the coyote while doing so.




If You Encounter a Coyote

  • Make it feel unwelcome by throwing rocks and sticks.
  • Make yourself appear as big and loud as possible. Wave your arms, clap, shout loudly in an authoritative voice.
  • Don't run or turn your back on the coyote. This indicates weakness and fear. Face the coyote and back away slowly. You need to show that you are not afraid and too mean and dangerous for the coyote to approach. It's time for you to pull off an academy award performance!
  • Remember whatever you do DON’T try to run away. If you do, the likelihood of being attacked is high. I know this is easy to say and is against your instincts not to flee but it will most likely save you from an attack. You cannot outrun a coyote.
  • If walking with a dog, immediately recall and leash your dog. Keep your dog on a short leash and slowly move toward an area with increased activity, never turning your back on the coyote.
  • Near houses or buildings, spraying with a hose or a vinegar-filled water gun can also be effective, as can making loud noises by banging pots and pans or other raucous instruments.



DISCLAIMER: My attorney (if I had one) would certainly advise me in today's world to note that the content of this tutorial is provided for your information and convenience. I hope it will contribute to greater safety for people and better understanding of coyotes. However, when it comes to dealing with coyotes, there are no absolute guarantees, so I need to note that I can't be responsible for the accuracy of any of the information provided, or for the outcome of any situations in which you chose to use this information. So, continue hiking, be aware, have fun, and stay safe.

Coyote Attack Video:

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