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New registration problems -update

UPDATE: The registration problem has been repaired and all is working (except for facebook registration at the moment.) 85% of social media registrations on this site are through Google (gmail) with only 4% by Facebook.

In addition, a separate Register button now appears beside the blue login button to make setting up an account clearer.

We are currently experiencing problems with new member registrations on the site. In addition the lost username/password links are not working. We apologize for the inconvenience and are hoping to restore this functionality as soon as possible.

Registered members can still login and are taken to their profile page first.

I'll take this opportunity to remind potential new members that new registration passwords must contain 1 interger (0-9), 1 uppercase (A -Z) and a minimum of 6 characters. If you are already registered, you can ignore this. Please choose a strong password always for your security.

Some users have expressed concern over registering via social media in that they want to keep their profile and passwords private. Please be aware that NO personal information is transferred to TorontoHiking by registering via social media. This would be contrary to their terms of use policy as well as ours. All passwords on this site are encrypted and are NOT available to even the ToHi admin.

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