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Hike input from readers

As August drew to a close, we received two comments from our readers. One talked about Hike L37F Elora Gorge Loop noting that once you get to (009)-The Hole in the Wall- there is no way to exit from the park due to major constructionn which blocks all pedestrian access. The answer, at least until the completion of the work, is to go back to the High Bridge and return on the other side of the gorge -or skip (009) all together.

This shows the value of taking a few moments to make a post to aid other hikers. I can't be everywhere to see what is going on and I appreciate posts like this.

Another post a day earlier, talked about the Eldred King and Hall Tract Side Trail and how easy it is to get lost on this hike when there are no numbered or signed markings anywhere. As noted, this is where a GPS is handy if you mark the position of your vehicle before beginning the hike. Then it's easy to head in the direction of the parking lot. Speaking of the parking lot at Edred King, the last time I was there (two years ago), the parking lot was under construction and after a rain it was a sea of mud with cars parking every which way and sliding around. Hopefully the lot is in better shape now. Also as noted, hikes in this area of the moraine are on sand making the walking more energy consuming at times.
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