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blog_summer12_2909Through these three blogs, I hope all of us with a love of hiking and the outdoors can communicate that to each other and to others. By giving people access to some of the things they may need for hiking, perhaps more people will be encouraged to hit the trails. But this is also the place to give us feeback on the site and your suggestions to improve it. You can share your photos with us and let us know about good youtube videos to add to the over 100 already on the site.

You can now also share your hiking anecdotes, trail closure and update information directly and correct anything that needs it on the site. One person can't do it all and I'm looking for your input. You can suggest new hikes for us to explore and add to the present collection. We have quite a few rss news feeds ranging from budget travel for seniors to weather reports and hiking news.

Almost every article has a place at the bottom of the page for your comments, photos, youtube videos, and anecdotes. Got a great place to dine after the hike? Let us know. Have a good way to the bottom of the falls? We're all ears.

If it has to do with a particular walk or hike or tutorial etc, then leave the info on that page. If it's more general like site comments or a discussion on some aspect of hiking or suggestions for a poll, it may be more noticeable here. Also since the site is new, we'll likely find some errors and things that don't work as they should. By reporting it here, I can learn about it faster and work to fix it.

I hope you enjoy the features of the new site.



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