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Adsense Ad Policy changes and a hike

Google Adsense has introduced a new policy that images cannot be placed beside a Google Adsense ad on a website if this results in a large ad above the fold on mobile. Ads on the site are an important way to help support this website. This policy has a great affect on this website since hundreds of pages had an image adjacent to an ad which then showed on top in mobile view.

This may have caused some disruptions on the site over the past three days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) as we were given just three days to correct these hundreds of pages which involved adjusting the code on all pages. Sorry for any inconvenience.

This process has now been completed. The reason for this change is to give mobile users a better experience on mobile websites.

In addition, one of our ad modules failed recently, removing many ads from certain pages. That restoration will take place in the week ahead.

Finally, I received an email today concerning hike L56 East Dufffins Creek from one of our members, Liam, who says: "Did this hike a few weeks ago, all the posts are in the process of being re-numbered. Thankfully I had downloaded the GPX, which proved essential for navigation."
If anyone knows the post renumbering system, I love to hear from you as I need to convert the old to the new post numbers.

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