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UPDATE: December 2020 Trail Notes

Hike L09Dundas Valley Waterfalls

A new trail configuration is in place between Sherman and Canterbury Falls thanks to the generosity of a landowner granting passage of the Bruce Trail on their land. The main Bruce Trail now flows from Lions Club Road westbound into the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. With that, two new side trails have been laid out as shown in the revised Trail Map. These are the Canterbury Falls Side Trail and the Artaban Road Side Trail.

Annual Closure Shorthills

Shorthills Provincial Park is closed to the public for a First Nations Deer Harvest on Nov 3 and 26, December 10 and 17 in 2020, and January 7 and 27 in 2021. The park will also be closed the morning after each harvest until noon.

Bellfountain and Cheltenham CAs

These will be closed for the  season as usual. Parking at these two locations is also unavailable although the main Bruce Trail is still open through the properties as are the Trimble and Crow's Nest Side Trails. However they are not accessible from the main Bellfountain CA or Cheltenham CA entrance points.

NEWS: Don Valley trails subway style
Road Map "not showing" Code Repairs
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